Brighton Sabs Assaulted/Arrested…


Thursday 14th November 2019

After the violent threats, intimidation and even assault last week, yesterday sabs returned to the shoot near Saddlescombe. After last week’s pathetic attempt to get us off the land, the shoot had hired some extra hands to do their dirty work. As sabs walked towards the shoot, two scum in balaclavas drove up and attempted to tackle sabs to the ground. Sabs managed to evade them but were ultimately tackled by more scum arriving.

Having to be sat on by the support and listening to threats that they’ll bash sabs’ heads in, sabs opted to voluntarily leave the shoot. This wasn’t enough for the scum, however, and they followed the sabs back to the road. Waiting at the road was the scums’ friends – the filth.

Cops wanting to be private security for hunts is no surprise, but it really was a new low for them when they just watched as one red-faced scum couldn’t hide his rage any longer and tackled a sab to the ground, banging the sab’s head against a gate. After being pulled off by sabs, he lashed out again, hitting another sab in the face.

The police did nothing to detain the perpetrator of a crime they had just witnessed, instead interested in trying to find an excuse to nick the sabs. The 4 sabs were arrested under suspicion of aggravated trespass, while the scum who had just assaulted two sabs just watched from the sidelines.

Maybe it’s no surprise cops and hunters have such an affinity, they clearly need a sadistic streak for the job. One smarmy sergeant, eagerly shouted each sabs’ name as they were led away, potentially allowing the hunt to identify them and retaliate in the future. Sabs then had to listen to swaggering cuntstables boast to each other about the violence they had got to inflict as part of their job, one complaining he’d never had the opportunity to tase someone!

All sabs were released pending further investigations by the police.

Any tip-offs of shooting, hunting, or other animal abuse please message us or let the hunt sab tip off line know 07443 148 426.

If you want to join us in the field, get in touch.

When will the police stop defending the law breakers and act in the favour of the public??

If you are reading this and a copper then please let us know……