West Sussex Hunt Sabs.

Tuesday 12th November Crawley and Horsham hunt meet Gay Street.
Monitors spotted the hound van heading towards Pulborough and we guessed they maybe meeting at a favorite spot, upon checking sure enough there they were.
The hunt went round in circles, no trail appeared to have been laid.
Three foxes were seen fleeing from the hounds, monitors saw them to safety. One fox was spotted crawling under a fence and then sat down, panting, absolutely exhausted having been running for his life; the fox looked at the monitor, she froze to make sure she did not scare the fox back towards the hounds, and the fox soon ran off continuing his escape away from the hunt. We believe the hounds had been chasing him for quite sometime. Later a fox in the same area was also seen running across the road.
Another fox made a narrow escape dodging the field riders by only a few feet, monitors stood guard to ensure the hounds did not pursue him as he made his escape.
Despite the rain the hunt continued, spending much time trying to gather lost hounds, and intermittently attempting to hold up around dense woodland. At one point the hounds went into cry, the hunt were taking no action to stop them until after we appeared, we made sure they knew we were not leaving until they did….after this some members of the hunt appeared a little ‘upset’ that we’d spoiled their nasty game and became aggressive towards monitors trying to ride their horses into us and backing us into bushes, the hunt seemed to have no regard or care for their horses being pushed into our faces.
The hunt went backwards and forwards a couple more times searching for hounds and eventually packed up.