Clothing, Hosting and Why?

Hi Everyone,

Couple of updates first,

Our clothing range has been released and we have set the prices to as low as the suppliers will let us meaning we make NO MONEY from the sales at the moment as we want as many of you to wear the clothing to raise awareness while the law is still being broken and foxes murdered. The most popular item seems to be our Mens Black Hoodie !!

Also we were having issues with our website loading speed which was getting very frustrating so we have upgraded and moved to another host who specialize in WordPress Platform. We are now with WPMU DEV  

So far we have found our website loading speed has increased a lot and the customer service is amazing.

Anyway back to topic.

It would appear that the hunts are up to their usual tricks, flouting the law, killing innocent foxes and assaulting sabs/monitors.

It really makes you laugh the lengths the hunts will go to trying to hunt foxes in private.

Ordering sabs/monitors off the public footpaths telling them they are trespassing….Riding at them with horses…..hunt staff playing load music in front of sabs/monitors to disguise the hounds going into cry and chasing down a fox scent….

Why do all this if they are hunting within the law? And why are the police doing nothing when it is so obvious what they are doing?

The hunts are claiming they are laying trails and we all know that this is a complete load of bull shi@. If you are laying trails then why are your hounds running all over roads? Why are you staying still in one place near a copse or woodland on horse back? Why do you still have terrier men ? Why are badger setts still being blocked?

And Why are there convictions of your staff releasing caged foxes?

Unfortunately the hunts never have an honest answer for any of these questions and are pretty much protected by the police and the Tory government whose members actually have hosted hunts on their own land….says it all!!

Maybe a change of government will change the way the hunts are policed and protected??

Everyday sabs and monitors brave the weather and hunt support assaults to try and stop these murderers from killing our wildlife. This really pisses the hunts off to the extreme hence the violence when the fox gets away and ruins their sadistic fun.

If you were sticking to the law then sabs and monitors could stay at home in the warm…..

Thank you to every single sab and monitor out there and please stay safe. These brave groups all have donation buttons on their facebook pages so please buy them a coffee if you get the chance as they deserve it.

Thanks for reading, more to come!!