Eggesford Hunt Hounds kill a fox.


This is the reality of what every hunt in the UK call ‘Trial Hunting. When the body of a fox killed by hounds is retrieved the hunt will always lie telling police, (1) It’s a road kill that has been put there. (2) Hunt saboteurs were to blame as they confused the hounds., along with several other lies they have used for years. Hunts have every intention of killing foxes when they go out, it’s premeditated illegal hunting, and they are getting away with it.


Report from the brave  Devon County Hunt Saboteurs 

Yesterday the Eggesford Hunt killed a fox just minutes after leaving their meet.

After pre-Christmas drinks and a raffle at The Barton, North Tawton, huntsman Jason Marles made a beeline for a tiny copse near Spire’s Cross, where support and riders lined up to watch as one after another three foxes ran from the copse in different directions. Judging by the way at least two of the foxes were behaving, we strongly suspect their presence in the copse was no coincidence. This hunt are notorious for using bagged foxes to guarantee a kill.

One fox ran for the road and was helped to safety by sabs. Another headed into a neighbouring field, stopped to look around as if confused about where to go and then carried on through a hedge. Sabs saturated the area with citronella and fortunately hounds failed to pick up the scent when they eventually came past.


Sadly the third fox did not make it out alive. The fox was first seen by sabs on the road, entering the southern side of the tiny copse. Hunt riders, hunt support and one of the terriermen held the fox in the covert by making loud noises and banging on fence posts, while hounds entered the covert and killed the fox by tearing it apart. A team of sabs approached from the north and found the fox surrounded by hounds. Sabs retrieved the body and headed back to the road, where hunt support were waiting at a gate, struggling to suppress their smiles at the sight of the disemboweled fox.

Jason, having succeeded in giving his supporters what they paid for, gathered the hounds and headed east towards The Hams, followed by riders who rode their horses at sabs and pretended they knew nothing about the kill. Jason went via the cattle market into a bit of scrub land by the river and hounds immediately started speaking again. Sabs had to put the stress of the last few minutes behind them and immediately get onto helping the next fox. Hounds appeared to have marked a fox to ground at a badger sett in the middle of a dense patch of scrub, so sabs called and rated them out of the area. However, Jason was keen to keep them in and kept encouraging them. Hunt support and terriermen became threatening and aggressive towards sabs, who nevertheless stood their ground.

Moments later a fox broke from the scrub next to the river, closely pursued by two hounds. The fox ran back into the scrub about 10 meters further down, exactly where two of our sabs were stood. There was about a meter between the fox’s tail and the hounds behind. Sabs were able to get in between and turn the hounds back. Knowing that the fox was now lying up in the scrub and that it would only be a matter of time before the fox bolted again, sabs arranged for another team a field away to call hounds out towards them. This was enough to cause Jason to pull the hounds back and take them away from the area.

We left a team behind to guard the scrub for a little while. Others followed huntsman and hounds via Broad Parks Farm and Warden towards the Shepherd’s Lake valley. Here hounds chased another fox to ground in a badger sett. With a team of sabs at the scene, Jason reluctantly moved on. The fox left the sett a little while later, under the watchful eyes of our sabs. There was another fox they would have dug-out and killed if we hadn’t been there.

The rest of the afternoon was spent around Ashridge Court. Sabs could smell the strong scent of foxes on several occasions and hounds were heard in cry twice. Eventually everyone left via Staddon Moor Cross and the hunt packed up in fading light around 4pm.


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