Clothing, Hosting and Why?

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Couple of updates first,

Our clothing range has been released and we have set the prices to as low as the suppliers will let us meaning we make NO MONEY from the sales at the moment as we want as many of you to wear the clothing to raise awareness while the law is still being broken and foxes murdered. The most popular item seems to be our Mens Black Hoodie !!

Also we were having issues with our website loading speed which was getting very frustrating so we have upgraded and moved to another host who specialize in WordPress Platform. We are now with WPMU DEV  

So far we have found our website loading speed has increased a lot and the customer service is amazing.

Anyway back to topic.

It would appear that the hunts are up to their usual tricks, flouting the law, killing innocent foxes and assaulting sabs/monitors.

It really makes you laugh the lengths the hunts will go to trying to hunt foxes in private.

Ordering sabs/monitors off the public footpaths telling them they are trespassing….Riding at them with horses…..hunt staff playing load music in front of sabs/monitors to disguise the hounds going into cry and chasing down a fox scent….

Why do all this if they are hunting within the law? And why are the police doing nothing when it is so obvious what they are doing?

The hunts are claiming they are laying trails and we all know that this is a complete load of bull shi@. If you are laying trails then why are your hounds running all over roads? Why are you staying still in one place near a copse or woodland on horse back? Why do you still have terrier men ? Why are badger setts still being blocked?

And Why are there convictions of your staff releasing caged foxes?

Unfortunately the hunts never have an honest answer for any of these questions and are pretty much protected by the police and the Tory government whose members actually have hosted hunts on their own land….says it all!!

Maybe a change of government will change the way the hunts are policed and protected??

Everyday sabs and monitors brave the weather and hunt support assaults to try and stop these murderers from killing our wildlife. This really pisses the hunts off to the extreme hence the violence when the fox gets away and ruins their sadistic fun.

If you were sticking to the law then sabs and monitors could stay at home in the warm…..

Thank you to every single sab and monitor out there and please stay safe. These brave groups all have donation buttons on their facebook pages so please buy them a coffee if you get the chance as they deserve it.

Thanks for reading, more to come!!












Brighton Sabs Assaulted/Arrested…


Thursday 14th November 2019

After the violent threats, intimidation and even assault last week, yesterday sabs returned to the shoot near Saddlescombe. After last week’s pathetic attempt to get us off the land, the shoot had hired some extra hands to do their dirty work. As sabs walked towards the shoot, two scum in balaclavas drove up and attempted to tackle sabs to the ground. Sabs managed to evade them but were ultimately tackled by more scum arriving.

Having to be sat on by the support and listening to threats that they’ll bash sabs’ heads in, sabs opted to voluntarily leave the shoot. This wasn’t enough for the scum, however, and they followed the sabs back to the road. Waiting at the road was the scums’ friends – the filth.

Cops wanting to be private security for hunts is no surprise, but it really was a new low for them when they just watched as one red-faced scum couldn’t hide his rage any longer and tackled a sab to the ground, banging the sab’s head against a gate. After being pulled off by sabs, he lashed out again, hitting another sab in the face.

The police did nothing to detain the perpetrator of a crime they had just witnessed, instead interested in trying to find an excuse to nick the sabs. The 4 sabs were arrested under suspicion of aggravated trespass, while the scum who had just assaulted two sabs just watched from the sidelines.

Maybe it’s no surprise cops and hunters have such an affinity, they clearly need a sadistic streak for the job. One smarmy sergeant, eagerly shouted each sabs’ name as they were led away, potentially allowing the hunt to identify them and retaliate in the future. Sabs then had to listen to swaggering cuntstables boast to each other about the violence they had got to inflict as part of their job, one complaining he’d never had the opportunity to tase someone!

All sabs were released pending further investigations by the police.

Any tip-offs of shooting, hunting, or other animal abuse please message us or let the hunt sab tip off line know 07443 148 426.

If you want to join us in the field, get in touch.

When will the police stop defending the law breakers and act in the favour of the public??

If you are reading this and a copper then please let us know……



West Sussex Hunt Sabs.

Tuesday 12th November Crawley and Horsham hunt meet Gay Street.
Monitors spotted the hound van heading towards Pulborough and we guessed they maybe meeting at a favorite spot, upon checking sure enough there they were.
The hunt went round in circles, no trail appeared to have been laid.
Three foxes were seen fleeing from the hounds, monitors saw them to safety. One fox was spotted crawling under a fence and then sat down, panting, absolutely exhausted having been running for his life; the fox looked at the monitor, she froze to make sure she did not scare the fox back towards the hounds, and the fox soon ran off continuing his escape away from the hunt. We believe the hounds had been chasing him for quite sometime. Later a fox in the same area was also seen running across the road.
Another fox made a narrow escape dodging the field riders by only a few feet, monitors stood guard to ensure the hounds did not pursue him as he made his escape.
Despite the rain the hunt continued, spending much time trying to gather lost hounds, and intermittently attempting to hold up around dense woodland. At one point the hounds went into cry, the hunt were taking no action to stop them until after we appeared, we made sure they knew we were not leaving until they did….after this some members of the hunt appeared a little ‘upset’ that we’d spoiled their nasty game and became aggressive towards monitors trying to ride their horses into us and backing us into bushes, the hunt seemed to have no regard or care for their horses being pushed into our faces.
The hunt went backwards and forwards a couple more times searching for hounds and eventually packed up.

Rookie The Dog Raised by a Cow!!

Orphan dog Rookie tears up after being reunited with mama cow who raised him when he was a puppy!!

There is a common notion that animals do not feel the way that humans do. But time and time again, we hear stories about the unique relationships formed between their species that disprove this assumption, and confirms the fact that just like us, they are also capable of exhibiting empathy and having emotions.

The following story that you’re about to read perfectly supports this idea, and will make you realize that we have a lot more in common with these beings than we think we do.

Rookie, a small but energetic dog, developed a bond with an unlikely companion – a brown female cow that his human owned. Their tight relationship was formed because the cow acted like the pup’s “real” mother, often licking Rookie’s coat and nuzzling him. At times, the dog would even be seen sitting or sleeping on the cow’s back.

The bond they shared was extremely special, that when the time came for the cow to be sold off, Rookie became the most heartbroken dog in the whole world. Even though it would be hard for him, the family didn’t have any choice but to sell the cow, because having two was something that they couldn’t afford. Preparing to be sold off, the mama cow was taken from the enclosure that she and Rookie frequented.

When the cow was led outside, Rookie’s grief became apparent. He began howling and crying, and his face reflected a look of utter despair. His eyes started to get wet, that he almost looked like he was crying real tears while being separated from his “mother”. Their goodbye was heartbreaking to watch, and the dog can be seen stepping onto the threshold while calling out to the cow. But by then, his mother had completely gone out of sight.

But then one day, he heard a moo-ing nearby, and Rookie knew exactly who it was. The agile pup immediately ran down the street while his owner chased after him, calling his name. But the dog was unstoppable, and he ran as fast as he could to where the sound was coming from.

Finally, he reached the cow’s new home – another barn in the village that was close enough to Rookie’s shelter. The pup couldn’t hide his joy when he saw the cow, and he began barking excitedly and jumping to lick the cow’s face. It was an extremely sweet reunion – but it wouldn’t last for long.

When Rookie’s owner found him, he scolded him for running off and carried him home despite the dog’s clear protest. He yipped and barked in anguish all the way out of the barn, knowing very well that they were being separated again.

Back home, Rookie became inconsolable, losing his usual enthusiasm and energy. Eventually, he lost all appetite, refusing the bowl of dog food that was being offered to him. His owners worried that because of extreme sadness, Rookie might just waste away. The dog just kept wandering around the enclosure where his mother used to be, waiting for the day that she comes back.

Rookie’s owners just couldn’t bear the sight of him in misery, so they decided to bring the cow back home! They were keeping the cow all for Rookie’s sake, even if it entailed financial difficulties. Aside from bringing back his mother, the owners also introduced a new friend for Rookie to play with – another small pup! This is to strengthen and develop his social skills as a dog, since growing up with a cow wouldn’t do much for him in that aspect.

This story is a perfect testament to the fact that animals feel too. Just like humans, they are also capable of loving and feeling pain. Hopefully, this teaches us to be more compassionate towards them and to accord them with the respect and care that they deserve.

Three Counties Hunt Sabs.

We received a call this morning that the Ledbury Hunt were seen meeting up in an area near Upton-upon-Severn, despite fairly bad flooding throughout parts of Gloucestershire and Worcestershire. A sab was on her way through Worcs and dropped in to an area we know well in order to check some badger setts and see if she could find the hunt.

Badger setts checked, sab walked inland to where the hunt had just drawn blank through one covert in The Stanks. A new thing for us, the landowner, Mark (not to be confused with Mark the huntsman) was present and apparently very trustworthy as he believed that the hunt were following a trail because they had said so at the meet…

Soon after, a fox was seen running from a small covert to a larger one and sab, knowing that landowner Mark was on the phone to the police and not in contact with the hunt, pointed out the fox – Mark turned to look and suddenly turned back, evidently not wanting to see the fox as it would ruin his excuse that he had no idea that he was allowing illegal hunting on his land. Sab waited to see if hounds would definitely pick up on the scent – they did – then ran into the covert and rated them back as they came towards her.

Huntsman Mark gathered hounds and moved on while landowner Mark told the police that he shouldn’t have to police his own land *sigh*. Look up the definition of torts law (civil matters) landowner Mark and remember that hunting illegally (and allowing others to do so on your land) is a criminal offence. Badger setts are being checked on again this evening and tomorrow to ensure nothing untoward has occurred during the day and they will continue to be checked regularly.

Meanwhile today, the Heythrop were spotted in their Oxfordshire country with hounds out of control, loose hounds worrying local domestic dogs and hunt staff riding at speed out into traffic. Police have been informed and, again, locals will be out checking badger setts for evidence of blocking / digging.

If you know of any badger setts in your local area and think you can help us check them before / during / after hunt meets, give us a call. If you see a hunt out, call us straight away as we may be able to get to them / may be out with them but temporarily unaware of their location / can note down info for future reference / can get people out to check setts nearby. If you like what we do, like and share our posts and page.


Nottingham Hunt Sabs.

Lucky to receive a tip off with enough to time to rearrange our work lives, we were able to deploy a small team (with help from Lincs) to Vine Farm, Great Dalby today to add a little more rain to the Quorns parade.

We were surprised to see them make any attempt at all given the conditions, but the huntsman Ollie was straight onto a nearby dismantled railway, which in the weather resembled a small river, and was putting his hounds through the shrub with small amounts of speaking heard.

Sabs were able to cause enough disruption at every stage to prevent hounds ever fully going into cry or giving chase, following them all the way down the dismantled railway until they came out by Thorpe Satchville, where a suspiciously blocked badger sett became the focus. Why would someone illegally block a badger sett and then conduct an illegal hunt over the top of it you ask? We wouldn’t want to speculate….

Moving away from the sett, the hunt went back to the nearby gated road and second horsed at 13:30 before drawing Thorpe Trussels, a nearby hunt owned covert. Unsuccessful there and clearly demotivated by the weather and sab presence, the hunt headed up the road and back into their very wet looking kennels.

With the extra daylight gained from the early pack up, sabs wasted no time in returning to the previously blocked badger sett, clearing it out before heading off to the pub to get warm.

Hounds Kill Another Fox.

Hit report, 12 November 2019 York and Ainsty South/Badsworth and Bramham Moor Hounds – Thornhill Farm, Escrick Park Estate.

Having met at Thornhill Farm off Bonby Lane near Skipwith (being part of the Escrick Park Estate) the field set off to hunt around Skipwith Back Common, hounds running amok, despite signs saying this is an SSSI area and all dogs should be kept on short leads. They proceeded towards Menthorpe where we heard hounds go into cry and came across a bloodthirsty group of followers who were watching with interest from the road side. Members of our team got into two adjoining fields quickly spotting a fox running towards them and managed to get between it and pursuing hounds. We called the hounds off who stopped in their tracks, the fox escaping into a neighboring field where two other members of our team were with huntsman David Elliott. Realising we were videoing he gathered the pack and the field set off towards South Duffield. One fox saved thankfully! With our team on their tails the hunt seemed undecided where to go next and then rode off in the opposite direction towards North Duffield.

From a previous meet in this area we knew they’d hunted around Park House Farm and hearing the hounds in cry from across the fields at the back of North Duffield we headed straight there by car. As we approached we could still hear hounds in cry and saw the hunt gathered around a large Miscanthus grass plantation. Huntsman David Elliott was off his horse and entered the plantation – we realised this meant he knew the hounds had killed and he was going in to recover the evidence. However two of our team ran in after him only to find him coming out with his jodhpurs and hands covered in blood and hounds also bloody. He practically ran back to his horse and most of the hunt left except for a redcoat and terrier men Ryan Kennett and Dickie Tonks who had been spotted earlier driving their quad up to the far side of the plantation. We were determined to find the poor fox and four of us entered the plantation to find a large flattened area with blood splatters everywhere but no sign of the body. Two of the team headed further in and managed to recover the poor animal’s ravaged body where Elliott had obviously hurled it in a vain attempt to hide the evidence. Hunts will often try to tell you that this is a humane way of killing foxes – one sharp nip to the neck and it’s over. Let us say here and now this is a LIE! This poor fox had been eviscerated alive and must have died a lengthy death in terror and agony. There was no mark on its neck – instead it’s intestines had been ripped out.

We subsequently located what we strongly believe to have been a fresh fox dig-out and will be investigating and reporting upon this later.

As if the dreadful fox kill wasn’t enough, a member of the public then saw hounds in pursuit of a hare with Roseanna Kendall seemingly urging them on and doing nothing to prevent them. We can’t be sure if the hare escaped.

We have lots more video footage to go through and will be posting updates once we’ve had chance to check everything. We’ll also be reporting this crime to the appropriate Wildlife Crime Officers in the region.

This has strengthened our resolve to do everything we can to prevent this hunt from illegally killing wildlife. They don’t even pretend to lay a trail – could it be the fact that ex West Yorkshire police Inspector Richard Thompson, joint master, makes them think they’re untouchable?? We’ll see!

Given that the hunt met upon Escrick Park Estate land and the poor illegally-slaughtered fox was flushed / removed from the same estate land then we have directly contacted the owners of the estate and made them aware of their moral and legal liability as land-owners. These discussions will continue and we will report back further. Should you wish to politely contact the estate office and ask them to again reconsider their grant of permission for illegal fox hunting on their land then we would encourage you to do so per below by addressing Mr Charles Forbes-Adams. Please be respectful and courteous.

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Residents to Ban Trail Hunt.

Outraged Denmead residents call for trail hunt to be banned after huntsmen sighted in woodland.

OUTRAGED residents are calling for trail hunting to be banned after a suspected fox hunt was sighted in a Denmead woodland without permission.
Resident Tim Gay said he spotted a large fox when out for a run in Creech Woods on November 6, shortly followed by the Hursley Hambledon hunt.

Tim said: ‘A large fox crossed my path, followed, some minutes later, by about 15 hounds and nine or 10 people in hunting outfits on horseback with others in mini Jeeps behind them.

‘This was clearly a fox hunt rather than a drag hunt. They seemed a bit inconvenienced by the fact that I was running in the area, asked how far I was planning to go, and were relieved to hear I was on my way home. They had not, by the time I left, tracked down the fox.’
The hunt has denied it was after a fox, and had not intended to be in Creech woods. It said that its hounds had followed a different scent to one that it had laid.

Residents took to Facebook to voice their opposition to trail hunting, which mimics traditional hunting by following an animal-based scent trail of fox urine.

A spokeswoman for Forestry England said they did not issue permission for trail hunting at Creech Woods on November 6, which is required for the group to enter the woodland.

She added: ‘We are responding to concerns from local people and there are different accounts of what happened so we’re currently getting as much information from different people as we can.’

A hunt spokesman said the hounds followed a scent trail which had not been laid by hunt members, which led to them entering Creech Woods before returning the hounds to the planned route.

Angie Ryan, who lives in the area, said: ‘I just think it should be totally banned as inevitably sometimes animals are killed, be it a fox or a rabbit.

‘They should totally ban it, the more areas we can push them out of the better. It has to be banned because mistakes do happen and all the animals out there will be terrified by all the noise.’

The Hursley Hambledon Hunt met close to Soberton at 11am last Wednesday for a route agreed with local farmers and landowners, before hounds followed a different scent to Creech Wood.

A spokesman said: ‘Our huntsman immediately took all steps to call them back, but I understand that the whole process took about 20 to 30 minutes before all hounds were back on the ground/route we had planned for them.

‘I am not aware of any fox seen by residents in Creech Wood but I can confirm that we had no intention of any of our hounds being in Creech Wood anyway and I believe that there is no suggestion that our hounds chased the fox.’

The hunt has apologised for entering land without permission, and urges anyone who would appreciate direct contact about this incident to let them know.

Chris Luffingham, director of campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, said: ‘By law, hunts are supposed to ensure they have their hounds under control at all times to avoid ‘accidents’ happening and foxes being killed when the dogs can’t distinguish between a trail laid using animal scent and the animal itself.

‘By their own admission the Hursley Hambledon could not control their hounds and ended up trespassing on Forestry Commission land, and it was only by the fox’s good fortune that it managed to get away.

‘We’d suggest laying a trail near that area is foolish in the extreme. Not only did they risk ‘accidentally’ hunting a fox, but they also risked their hounds getting onto Southwick Road and being injured or worse by the passing cars.’

What are YOUR Thoughts??? Is it really a trail hunt or just the usual lie?

Surely laying a trail using animal based scent is asking for trouble??





article courtesy of Portsmouth News.

Council bans Hunt.

Uppingham Town Council has banned the Cottesmore Hunt from gathering in the town centre.

The hunt visits Uppingham’s Market Place during its New Year’s Day meet.

A motion was proposed at a meeting of the town council on Wednesday (November 5) by Councilor Christine Edwards.

The Cottesmore Hunt in Rutland
The Cottesmore Hunt in Rutland

She said: “Over my many years on the council I have always voted with my conscience which is what I have done this time.”

At the meeting it was suggested that the council should consult the community first but this motion was rejected, resulting in a third of the council abstaining from the final vote.

Councilor Ron Simpson was among the members of the council who refused to vote.

He said: “It is part of the heritage of Rutland and rural life.

“I abstained as I thought we should consult the community.”

The topic of the hunt cannot be re-discussed at the town council for at least six months.

The Cottesmore Hunt declined to comment.

What do you think? Have your say in comments or spread on social media!!